Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kuch Pal

"Kuch Pal Palkon Pe Palte Hain,
Kuch Pal Ankhon Mein Jalte Hain,
Toota Sa Khwaab Lekar, Door Jaate Huye,
Kuch Pal Karwat Badaltein Hain..!!!"


  1. hmm..nice lines
    first time on blog...
    going through the rest!

  2. thats just awesome as always.
    please continue writing,i'm surely gonna tell my frns also to read all of them.

  3. again continuing... hope u dnt mind..

    pal pal zindagi naya modd leti hai,
    pal pal zindagi naya roop dikhati hai,
    hum jite hai uss pal ke liye, intezar karte hai uss pal ke liye, jo pal de jaye hume woh sari khushiya, jise abbad ho jaye humari duniya...

  4. Hmmmmmm.....
    Oh My God!! I don mind u extending it dear..
    I hope nikhil is reading yo creations too!!
    Well, these are awesome!!

  5. Ask him if hez reading it or not... this is gud... evn m having fun in writing it.. n yes these all are spontaneous..

  6. Arey, he is busy busy man!!
    I can't dare to ask him.. better u do dat job..