Saturday, December 19, 2009


Its really hard to live yo life without yo best friends...
I really miss them, but the only obligation is that, I can't approach any of them.. Maybe, coz I hurt them..
This is when I have realised how incomplete I'm without them..
I'm all alone today, and life has turn rough again... I try to divert my mind and play few of my favorites.. Here goes the song and I realise how far I've come.. Rather, I'm still waiting and how far they have left... 
"Haath Chute Bhi To Rishte Nahi Chuta Karte,
Waqt Ki Shaakh Se Lamhe Nahi Toda Karte..
Shahed(honey) Jeene Ka Mila Karta Hai Thoda-Thoda,
Jaane Walon Ke Liye Dil Nahi 'Thoda' Karte.."

I really miss you guys.. You'll always remain with me as sweet as ever.
I really wonder how blindly I believed u and changed myself as u always wanted.. Maybe that's y, today I'm able to tackle things much easily when you are not there..

Shruti, my best friend, is not with me.. I miss her like hell! but now its a long time that she's not with me.. Still, I remember d days we spent together in college and university campus.. Those sandwiches and pani puri's... The superb fly over in our town.. I miss everything!!

Saurabh, my other best friend..
Its jus a few months that m practising to live life without him! Before giving my opinion or reaction, I imagine (Saurabh yahaan hota toh kya karta?) aur wahi karti hu... Everything becomes SIMPLE!! Thank you Saurabh!! I've no words to describe how much you have given me.. Its a real TREASURE!

They have touched my life DIFFERENTLY!!
I can never dare to forget them, rather define myself without them.. However distant they are...
Thank You!!


  1. Nice...

    F-R-I-E-N-D-S :)


  2. yaa that so true even i miss my best friends a lot, I wuld like to share some lines with you..
    Chahe kitne bhi durr rahe,
    par dosti ke silsile kabhi na kum honge,
    jab bhi lage tum tanha ho,
    palat kar dekhna,
    tumhare sayee ki jagah hum honge....

  3. @ Dimple,
    Yaa, i miss them a lot!!

    @ Rashmi,
    Sahi yaar,
    join blogspot naa.. i'll love to read yo posts..
    Well, these lines are good!