Friday, January 29, 2010


"Gunahon ka bojh tha mujhpar,
 Uski wafa ka karz tha mujhpar,
Khamoshi se guzar gaya jo toofaan,
Us nuksaan ka dosh tha mujhpar..
Aise mein kya roye hum?
Gunhegaar ka jo ilzaam tha mujhpar,
Uske saath ka karz tha mujhpar,
Guzar gaya sab fir bhi tanhayi ka asar tha mujhpar..!!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jab Praan Tan Se Nikle..

It was yesterday that I had been to “kirtan sabha” at a famous “hanuman mandir” in our town.
Luckily, I gotta chance to listen to Anup Jalota (live).. Kirtan went as…
Itna to Karna Swami, Jab Praan tan se nikle
Govinda Naam leke, Tab pran tan se nikle,
Shri Gangaji the tat ho, Jamuna Ka vanshivat ho,
mera sawla nikat ho, jab pran tan se Nikle
Pitambari kasi ho, Chabi maan main yeh basi ho,
Hotho pe kuch hasi ho, jab pran tan se nikle
Jab kanth pran aye, koi rog na sataye
Yam darash na dikhaye, Jab pran tan se nikle
us vakt jaldi ana, nahi Shyam Bhul Jana,
Radhe ko saath lana, jab pran tan se nikle,
ek bhakt ki hai arji, khud garj ki hai garji
aage Tumhari marji jab pran tan se Nikle
Itna to karna Swami, Jab pran tan se Nikle..
This was just Awesome!! I failed to stop my tears.. I have no words to write what I felt.
I remember, around 7yrs ago, when I was in school and our Hindi teacher was teaching us sum lesson, “marna, ek kala, ek chance”! Dat was the first time I realized this fact..
I pray to Lord Krishna to gift us all an easy end! God bless!


"Palkon par saji hai tasveer teri,
jaane kahaan kho gayi zindagi meri..
karz tha mujhpar teri mohobbat ka
Aaj lauta di wo mohobbat teri..
Guzre har din isi khayaal mein,
Jaane kahaan kho gayi raatein meri,
Chale the hum lamhon ko sametne,
Bhul gaye usme tuti tasveer teri..
karz tha mujhpar teri mohobbat ka
Aaj lauta di wo mohobbat teri.. 
jaane kahaan kho gayi zindagi meri..
Kaise bhul gaye hum tasveer teri??"

Friday, January 15, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well!!

Today, I'm here writing some weird thghts dat really made me think "Aye, ye main hi hu naa??"
All in the world of "in-laws", it feels so different!

Here I go...
Earlier, life was only bout my family, college, academics, etc..etc..
Since my school time, it was we 5ppl who always stayed together.. We form a small group.
Now, two of them are outta town, one in IIT and other in B'lore.. Third is here but is busy with his academics as the fourth one..
Fifth is me,, and surprisingly, m busy with my "in-laws".. Now, this is something which is really difficult to digest, for me atleast.
Earlier, we used to plan group meetings and etc.. Now, I plan my "family meetings"..
Previously, Life was just gifting smiles to my friends,, now, its all for my "in-laws"!!
Am I talking like those aunties who simply chat for timepass coz they have no other work???? Maybe..
Life is now changed from books to recipes.. From classroom to kitchen..

M a very simple gal.. Make up and all irritates me, frankly.. I hardly put kajal sumtimes..
My looks don matter me much.. But, strangely, now, I always keep a watch on my hairs and my looks..(I still hate dat makeup but..)
Ooops.. I was never like dat..
SHAADI, the big laddoo is here!!

Well, it has atleast two yrs for me to turn "Dixit" from "Mishra".. But, all the flavors of happiness are here..
Got a fiancee, Got a simple, kind, humble sasuma,, not lik others who treat bahu's lik bahu's and not daughters.. huh!!
Got a sister-in-law (nanand) who literally cares a lot.. All chintar-pintar in the family call me "Bhabhi", and then I realise,, "Main aur bhabhi??" , really??

Hmmmm.... Yes!! Mummyji (Mother-in-law) is waiting to make me her's and mummy (my mom) wants to enjoy these days wit me completely.. And my papa, he only admires me!!
This is wat m really living in.. A drastically changed life and Yes! Much happier life!!
Thank God!!

Well, now m busy with my engagement preparations!! heeeheee ;-))))
Jus one mnth to go and God! lotsa things to be still done.. M really really excited for it!!
Feels like I'm on seventh cloud!! yuppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...