Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Is What Came To My Mind And So I'm Here Writing A Blog

It feels so nervous when u know that people will read whatever you write. Moreover, thinking about their reactions and comments your heartbeats keep rising.
Well, let me tell you what is my blog all about.
Its since long that I listen to old Hindi music. Gradually, I started loving it and thinking, how can people make such good combination??
Next, what came to my mind was, LYRICS!!
Gulzar, Sudarshan Fakir, Javed Akhtar, Madan Mohan n many more, have written fabulous songs which are loved by everybody down the generations!!
Whenever I'm alone, meaning, "Main Jab Bhi Akeli Hoti Hun...", I really don't know what makes me write something... Something which sounds like a poem and which is just very close to my heart!!

I just thought of posting whatever I write and thus share it with you...

Few lines written by SUDARSHAN FAKIR are as,
"Saamne Hai Jo Use, Log Bura Kehte Hain,
Jisko Dekha Bhi Nahi, Usko Khuda Kehte Hain.
Zindagi Ko Bhi Sila(reward) Kehte Hain Kehne Wale,
Jeene Wale Ko Gunahon Ki Saza Kehte Hain."

Truly speaking, the day I heard this song (sung by Jagjit Singh), I was unable to breathe smoothly. I don't know why but I enjoy being in this world of reality!!
Now, you are waiting for my ORIGINAL post, na??
I guess it will take a day more..
Will soon come up with something..

I have something for now,, I have written this recently..
"Teri raahon mein ruk kar, humne apna hi intezaar kiya...

Jalte rahe khud, par tujhe aabaad kiya...

Rahein jeeven ki na aasan hui,

Bujh gaye raaste phir bhi manzil ko paa liya...

Tere tassavur mein hi apna jeevan sama liya,

Na ho kabhi tujhe iski khabar, yeh zeher bhi swikaar liya...

mere nagme kabhi paraye na the par aaj yeh ehsaan chuka diya..

Tere tassavur mein humne apna jeevan sama liya...

Teri raahon mein ruk kar humne apna hi intezaar kiya.. "

Hows that??


  1. Teri raahon mein ruk kar, humne apna hi intezaar kiya...
    Jalte rahe khud, par tujhe aabaad kiya...

    अच्छा लिखा है आपने!लिखते पढते रहें!Happy Blogging!
    Thanks for visiting and following "सच में"

  2. Hello Priyanka,

    Welcome to the world of bloggers :)
    You have written "excellent"...

    So, continue it & I will keep reading and commenting :)


  3. welcome to blogosphere

    let your creativity flow here instead of that stupid "about me space" on orkut

  4. @Dimps
    Thanks dear..

    aye, about me space on orkut is not stupid..
    I stil write things there..