Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When I Turned Back...

I got a chance to stay alone n be wit me, a few days back..
And I was in no mood of missing it.. I grabbed the opportunity and penned all my thghts down on paper..

I would like to mention few lines written by GULZAR,
"Din kuch aise guzaarta hai koi,
Jaise ehsaan utaarta hai koi..
Aaina dekh kar tassalli hui,
humko iss ghar mein jaanta hai koi..
Der se gunjate hain sannate,
jaise humko pukaarta hai koi.."

When m alone, I recollect these lines and peep into my life..
How I lost everything, my beloved school, place, friends and all other things..
I may sound foolish but thats how i m..
I wrote these lines when i was alone cherishing my past..
And then it went as..

"Tere gam ki shyahi se likhi maine zindagi meri,
teri yaadon mein hi bas gayi mohobbat meri..
Rozana dhundti hun main jisko,
tere aansuon mein chup gayi muskaan meri..
Khalta hai jo dard tera har pal,
usi mein sama gayi hai arzoo meri..
Din bhar sehmi rehti hain aankhein,
har raat khwaabon mein hoti hai dastak teri..
Ab samjhaane ko kya bacha hai?
yunhi har pal rahegi kami teri..
Ise pagalpan kahu? yo deewaangi?
jo band aankhon se dekhti hun main tasveer teri..
Tere gam ki shyahi se likhi maine zindagi meri,
tere hi aansuon mein chup gayi mohobbat meri...!!!"


  1. Hello Priyanka,

    The most touchy part...

    "Din bhar sehmi rehti hain aankhein,
    har raat khwaabon mein hoti hai dastak teri.."

    Good work done!

  2. hey u must have heard about me, M nikhil and Neeta's cousin.. Nice poems,the lines abt neeta and mami were so touchy, i was having tears, reading them. nywys good job u stated this blog..

  3. ok ok.. God! I was wondering who this Rashmi is?? I had guessed it but dat was stil a confusion.. Good to c u interested in my "time pass"!!
    Dear, m jus a simpl gal.. ya, i think a lot, sometimes i get tears on my own lines.. I wud love to share my old (about 8yrs old)stuff wit u..

  4. @ Rashmi
    and wateva u like or dislike, do comment.

  5. there is nothing to dislike re baba.. all is awesome.. keep writing..