Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hall Of Shame

Hall Of Shame
Prez Barack Obama and his charming wife Michelle Obama were pleased by Indians! Said,  India is no more a rising power, has already risen! The world today is appreciating our “Unity in Diversity”. And on the other side, our people, our leaders are ruining us.
70% of Indians are common people like you and me. We all have dal-roti in our meals. We all dream of a better life and not corrupt life. We the common people seldom see those big notes. We never have those many zeros when describing our income. A poor man earns his living with great pains. Same is the case when it comes to my father or your father. We select leaders on the basis of their capability. We respect them, We support them, We salute them, and they, they just step on us and move on.
Whenever nation is in pain, our soldiers are always ready to guard us. Think for a minute, that when a soldier lays his life for the GREAT MOTHERLAND, a mother loses her son, a wife loses her husband, and kids lose their father. We all only pay our condolences. We can never repay the family what it has lost. But we can atleast give them what they really deserve, can’t we?
Today, very humbly I want to raise this point that, who are these leaders to steal away the rights of our soldiers? Is it that our leaders are so poor to step down to such level? Does this suit their image? Their personality? Or is it that all of them have gone crazy after money – currency their great greed!
I being the youth of India is terribly hurt by the condition of the nation today. Ofcourse, I am not so talented as our leaders are. I’ve zero knowledge regarding politics. But I see what is going on in the nation and our state.  
Our chief minister Ashok chavan quits today. I am forced to write this here that, just an hour before I was watching news.  It gave the details as :-
Adarsh CHS was set up supposedly with the aim of "accomodating and rewarding the heroes of the Kargil operation and those who laid down their lives for the protection of the motherland," if one looks at the initial list of the society members of the Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society, it comprised 40 members and included mostly defence personnel. Now the list stands at 103, out of which only 37 members belong to the army and just three members have anything to do with the Kargil war.
 Some of the bureaucrats and politicians who are accused of fraudulently obtaining flats for themselves or their relatives:
Ashok Chavan, chief minister, Maharashtra Jairaj Phatak, ex-municipal commissioner (flat in the name of his son Kanishka J Phatak) Ramanand Tiwari, state information commissioner (in the name of son, Onkar Tiwari) Suresh Prabhu, Shiv Sena (own name) Pradeep Vyas, ex-collector, Mumbai ( in the name of his wife and fellow IAS officer Seema Vyas) Jitender Awhad, NCP (own name) Indris Kundan, ex-ollector, Mumbai (own name)
Kanhaiyalal Gidwani, Congress (along with 2 sons, Kailash and Amit) Uttam Khobragade, BEST GM (in the name of daughter, Devyani, an Indian Foreign Service official) Babasaheb Kupekar, Congress (own name) DK Sankaran, Ex-chief secretary (in the name of daughter, Devyani) Shriniwas Patil, NCP (own name)
CS Sangitrao, ex-collector, suburban (in the name of son, Ranjit
Krishnarao Patil, Congress SC Deshmukh, Collector, Pune (own name) Arun Pawar, ex-income tax commissioner (own name)
PV Deshmukh, secretary, urban development (own name).
Meanwhile, two of the Chavan's relatives who had been allotted flats in Adarsh, resigned from the society on Friday.


  1. Nice expression of anguish! I am tempted to quote Dushyant Kumar:
    "इस दहलीज़ से ये काई नहीं जाने वाली,
    ये खतरनाक सच्चाई नहीं जाने वाली,

    तू परेशाँ बहुत है,यूँ परेशाँ न हो,
    इन खुदाओं की खुदाई नही जाने वाली।"